Best Double Stroller Reviews 2016

Best Double Strollers For Your Bundle Of Joy: Discover The Options

Soon after the child is born, there are some prime needs that are to be fulfilled. Stroller is one such need that starts coming in a frequent use once when the baby is 5 months of age. Most of the people expose their babies to the strollers in this age. For the proud parents of twin children, there are exceptional options in double strollers that can be explored online. Websites such as Amazon has got great selection of double strollers in its kitty. These strollers are available from different brands and you also don’t need to worry about the money. People with all sorts of budgets can find some amazing options here at the site.

Well, there are various brands that are into the trading of double stroller. These are feature rich stroller available in awesome designs and concepts. There are reclining seats and they can hold decent amount of weight of each baby. Most of the strollers are made up of mixed material including: plastic, polyester and metal. These are lightweight strollers that are stable in handling and easy in management. Most of the strollers are available in amazing colors to make delightful selections. There are many common aspects that are shared by all the top-notch brand products.

Top 5 Double Strollers

So, here is the list of top 5 double strollers for your baby that we have sorted according to the price. Discover your options and buy the best double stroller for your twins.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly:

This model is a proud Graco product available in an easy cash of $134.99. Rich in features this product is the most affordable model listed in my list. It is a smart looking double stroller with stadium style seating. The seats are also equipped with connect car seats for safety of the child. It is an imported product made up of metal, plastic and polyester. It can easily be handled with single hand as you don’t have to bend to shut it down or open the stroller. Each stroller can accommodate baby of up to 40 pounds in weight. It also has two reclining seats with individual canopies.

There are many other amazing features that make this product worth buying. There is a large parent’s tray at the back of the stroller that can be used to keep extra stuff along-with while taking your child for a ride. The rear seat is so crafted that it can recline completely, making it flat for the child to relax. There is also child’s tray, rotating canopy and the footrest for your service. You can also find storage area right next to the parent’s tray and the child’s tray. This area can be used to keep your belongings while comfortably enjoying a ride with your babies.

There are two step brakes and 4 wheels. The front wheel has a swivel and lock. It is quite easy to handle this product and due to the tough material used while manufacture, you can trust for the quality of the product. To increase the storage space, you can also remove child’s tray and parent’s tray. This will create extra area for you to carry more things along-with while taking your babies for a ride. In such small cash, this is a perfect purchase for the buyers. It has got a lot of appreciation from the buyers who have purchased Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller– Elixer:

Baby Trend is also among the most demanded baby stroller brand in the world. This model is an amazing launch by baby Trend in a price of $169.88. Heading towards the basic information of this product, you can find it very convenient in handling and it can easily accommodate two children of 50 pounds weight each. The product is weighed as 30.9 pounds and the dimensions are: 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches. It is an extremely versatile product for your kids. This product has flex loc infant car seat.

There are large reclining seats crafted in this product for most comfortable rides for your kids. There is a large basket that can be used as storage space. Then there is a parent tray, a child tray, cup holders, etc. It is a convenient product with easy one hand holding. The parent tray comes with a compartment. It is quite easy to make children sit inside the stroller. It is a safe to use product with multiple amazing features. You can also find child standing platform that allow your baby to stand on the stroller whenever he is tired of sitting. It is made up of toughest material that ensures optimum safety of the child during the rides.

Suppose you are taking your kids for shopping grocery, there is a huge basket that will let you keep the purchases in it and move on with a happy ride. All in all, this product is among the classic collection of baby strollers. The product comes with a manual that will teach you about the right usage of the product. It is a perfect purchase in such a small budget. This product is available in three color variants such as: Elixer, Carbon and Millennium. For someone who is looking for a budget friendly stroller, this is a perfect pick that is not only rich in features but exceptional in quality.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger:

Next in our list is this blissful product from Schwinn. It is an amazing ride for your child which is available in a price range of $265.99. It is a 4 stars product that has been accumulating a lot of attention of buyers. The product is fashioned with aluminium frame so that you can enjoy easy handling. It has the capacity to carry 100 pounds in the stroller. It can accommodate the weight of 50 pounds per child. This product has got some of the most extensive set of features that you will not found in any other product from the related category.

For adept safety, this product is fashioned with Dual trigger folding mechanism. The USP of this product is that it has got a perfect arrangement for the entertainment of the buyer. You can find canopy mounted speakers that are compatible with all sorts of MP3 players. The holding mechanism is too strong as it has got rubberized coating for slip free grip. It has huge storage place where you can keep the belongings of your babies. Adding more to the features, this product has also got flip open child tray with dual cup holder. You can also find parent tray with dual fin grip cup holder.

The handling of this product is quite amazing. It has got manual locking front wheel for easy swivel. All in all, this product is a complete package of excellent features, style and reasonable price. This model is available in only one color variant and that is Blue-Grey. It is a brilliant 4 star product that is easily available at Amazon. For people who are willing to spend a decent amount on their baby’s stroller, Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger is an ideal option to invest in.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Red Velvet

Contours products are masters of styling and quality. This model from contours brand is an epic addition to the list of best double strollers. It is a 4.5 star product with immense approbation from the customers. The product is available in bold colors such as Black and Red and Sand color. It you love investing in stylish products, this one will definitely lure your mind. It has got everything huge as in: you can find huge seats, huge storage, and all other essential features incorporated in this model. Soon after the launch of this model, it has been grabbing a lot of appreciation from the customers, given its wonderful features and mesmerizing looks.

The best part is that this model provides you 7 seating configurations. The seat can be removed easily and you can place it according to your convenience. You can place up to 2 infant car seats in the stroller case. While you make a purchase of this model, you will get one universal car seat adapter that has a compatible fit with 20 different car seats. For the second child, you can purchase other car seat separately. Other essential features that can grab your attention are that you can fold this model easily with both seats on. It has a feature of auto lock and stand on its own.

For maximum coverage, you can use expandable zipper mesh that is crafted in the stroller. The canopies are also transparent with which you can keep a check on your children. As the product has got shock absorbing rubber coated EVA rear wheels, it can easily pass through the cracks and the bumps in the sidewalk. Even if your baby falls asleep after a long ride, these wheels will keep them from waking up due to any shocks and bumps during the ride. This item weighs 47 pounds and the dimensions are: 49.5 x 26 x 39.8 inches.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Orange:

Last on my list is this wonderful product by BOB brand. This one is available in the market at a price of $536.00. Well, this one justifies its price quite amazingly. There are countless features that have been seamlessly incorporated in this model. It is a 4.5 star product that is available in 2 color variants: Navy and Orange. This product has got most stunning looks and praiseworthy styling. You can easily buy this model for your baby who is in the age of 8 months or above.

This model is fashioned with amazing set of wheels that offer superior maneuverability and complete rotation. These are suitable for all kinds of surface. The front wheels can also be locked in forward position. Then this model has got suspension system in the wheels for smoother rides. For convenient hold and management, you can apply rear wheel brake with your foot. There is a large storage space. The seats are so designed that they can recline up to 70 degrees for comfortable rides. There are multiple canopies along with a large viewing window that will allow you to keep an eye on your baby.

The material used while manufacture of the product is quite tough and you can count on the product for best safety of your child. It has got minimal assembly requirement. The weight of the product is 34 pounds and the dimensions are: 58.3 x 30.6 x 40 inches. So as you see, this model completely justifies its cost. The wheels are of utmost superior quality and it has got a lightweight frame so that you can carry it easily. It is a once in a lifetime investment and BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller befit the need perfectly.

Customer Benefits

Double Strollers are purchased by people who have been blessed with twins. These strollers provide amazing benefits to the buyers. The trending models in these product types have some of the most stunning looks and useful features. Here are some of the customer benefits that they can get after buying double stroller:

  • Profitable: Double stroller is a profitable investment. These strollers are made up of solid material and they can accommodate two kids easily. In this way, you don’t have to make separate purchase of strollers for two kids. In this way, you can easily take care of the new born, without compromising your attention on the older one.
  • Convenient: Double strollers are way convenient than conventional strollers. This is because of the fact that these are in double size. The storage space is much so you can keep your belongings along-with while taking your child for ride. This way you can do your household tasks and keep an eye on your babies all the time.
  • Comfortable: These are quite comfortable for the kids so even if you keep your baby in the stroller for long hours, they won’t feel uncomfortable at all. You can let them take a nap in the stroller and keep it close to you while you are busy in other tasks. Moreover, these are quite versatile products as due to the immense storage capacities, you can go shopping with your babies and while they are playing in their stroller, you can buy grocery or any other stuff for yourself.
  • Strong and Durable: Well, other than conventional strollers, double strollers are quite durable and made up of strong metal. As these are meant to accommodate two kids, they have to be promising in terms of quality and long living. There are multiple other features that are incorporated in strollers these days such as parent’s tray, child’s tray, storage space, speakers for entertainment, etc.

How To Find Best Double Stroller?

Ok, now it is the time when we shall discuss on how to find best double strollers. There are few things that are to be kept in account before selecting best double stroller for your bundle of joy.

  • Material & Durability: Well, as the strollers are for the most precious possession of yours, it has to be strong in material. You cannot compromise on the quality of the product. Most of the strollers are made up of various types of metals and majorly plastic. You have to ensure that toughest material is used to give you a stable and long living stroller.
  • Style: Style of the stroller completely depends upon your taste and preference. There are majorly two types of strollers available in market such as stadium style seat and conventional one with simultaneous seats. You have to make a selection according to your need. Both types of strollers look brilliant as these are the latest designs that are enjoying massive sales in market.
  • Convenience: Strollers come in day to day use. That is why these products have to be convenient in usage. Convenience can be described in two particular ways. First is the availability of sufficient space that can help you in easy carrying of all-time belongings of the baby. Convenience can also be referred from the way you can easily open and shut the stroller. You need to make sure that the stroller is easy in carrying, the wheels are smooth and the standing fold closes easily.
  • Price: Last is the price of the product. It is a significant investment that might come in use for all your children. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the product that ensures quality. You must spend some extra amount but one must not compromise on the quality.

Tips for Using Double Strollers

The usage of double stroller is quite simple. The outer metal case that is just a one push lift can easily be settled up by stretching the bar aloft. Most of the strollers these days have car seats with belts. You just have to place them one by one and buckle them to clutch it tightly. As it is a matter of your child’s safety, you must not take the buckling and locking the seats causally. Once the car seats are attached to the case, you are now all set to take your children for a refreshing ride. Some of the tips are set forth:

  • Make sure that seats are finely locked and unlocked while using the stroller
  • For kid’s play and usage, it is recommended to keep some toys in the stroller
  • Though the seats are highly comfortable, yet you can add some cushions for extra comfort of your child
  • The seat belts must be tied before taking the child to a ride. It is purely for the safety of your tot.
  • It is always recommended to buy brander stroller as branded products ensures quality and security. Surely you would not like to compromise on such an imperative aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these strollers worth buying?

Yes. Even if you are working women or you are a house wife, these products are of great use for everyone.

What is the average warranty of these products?

The brands are quite promising and you can expect a limited warranty of 5 years from any of the above mentioned brand.

Can these products be reused for second child?

As these products are quite long living, I would say that yes these could be used for the second child. Moreover, if you have both the children below the age of 3, you can take them both for a ride in these strollers.

Are the car seats detachable or can I get them individually from the market?

The car seats are detachable and considering the total weight capacity of the stroller, you can buy car seat as an extra accessory for your younger child.

Can the stroller get through a normal doorway?

All the strollers are so made that they can easily get through normal doorways.


Double strollers are not only the trend of this era but these are highly useful investments. These products have long life so these could be used by generations or to entertain multiple kids in a house. The brands mentioned above are the best ones in the market and they ensure optimum quality of their manufactured goods. You can make a budget and then plan a purchase according to your likability. Given so many options in a row, it becomes highly competitive to invest in one of them. The features of all the products are highly commendable and that is why we cannot pick one out of the course.

No matter what you like and what you desire, among all the mentioned options, there will be something that easily fit the bill. This guide will enlighten you about everything related to double strollers. Now you being the parents will have to decide the first ride of your babies and invest accordingly.