BOB Double Stroller Reviews

BOB Double Strollers: Fashion a New Vision

BOB Gears has become the top-notch manufactures of baby gears. It has a huge website which has got multiple offerings for newbie parents. Talking about its range in double strollers, this brand has done sheer justice to the credibility of their name. All its products are outstandingly crafted and enriched with most desired features. Below you can find every bit of information that you need about the products manufactured by BOB. Firstly, take a brief look at 3 of the shop stopper products manufactured by thus brilliant model.

Best BOB Double Strollers

Here is the list of best BOB Double Strollers that can be explored:

  1. BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller: Magnificently crafted with aluminium and alluring body, this stroller is a shop stopper in the market. It is available at a meager price of $552.00 at Amazon. Talking about the features, this model has got swiveling front wheels that allow superior maneuverability. For perfect stability of this model, you can apply front brakes that are easy to reach anyway. The storage and transport of this product is also convenient as there are two steps folding of its lightweight frame. Also this stroller comes with strides fitness kit that includes BOB handlebar console, exercising tubing and stroller strides exercise manual. There is infant car seat adapter and a snack tray that can be used for on-ride refreshment place. The weight of this product is 34.8 pounds and the dimensions are: 58.3 x 30.6 x 40 inches. It is a perfect product listed under the brand name of BOB gears. The words of applaud are quite loud for this model as it has scored 4.7 stars with customer’s vote.
  2. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller: Next on the number is this brilliantly crafted model by BOB. It is available in 3 color variants ranging from Black, Blue and Orange. Well, my personal favorite is orange as it has got a charismatic appeal in it. The price of this model is $536.00 at Amazon. Just like the former mentioned model, this one is also commendable. For best seating comfort, this model is fashioned with ultra padded adjustable reclining seat. The swiveling wheels give utmost maneuverability and for the smoother rides, this one is also fashioned with adjustable suspension system. This model comes with adapter seat and snack tray that is of great use for the customers. Weight capacity of this model is 100 pounds in total, i.e. you can place a child weighing 50 pounds in each of the seat. This model functions brilliantly and it requires minimal assembling. Also the brand is giving 5 years warranty of the frame and limited one year warranty of smaller parts. In the box, you can find a stroller, two canopies and an instruction guide. There are multiple storage and adjustment options. This model has earned 4.6 stars at Amazon. You can well imagine the credibility of this model that buyers have appreciated this one so much. Indeed, BOB products are worth your interest when you are planning a purchase of a smart baby stroller.
  3. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller: Listing under the revolution range by BOB gears, this model is also a perfect one to lure your attention. It is available at a price of $552.00 at Amazon. Unarguably, considering the features of this model, you will not at all find it unreasonably priced. It is available in 2 color variants such as Black and Orange. You can have a perfect grip and hold over the handle of this model considering the fact that it has adjustable padded handlebar that can get adjusted with parents of every height. This one has also got swiveling front wheels that come with an instant brake for more stability. The seats are comfortable and reclining to give best riding experience to the rider. However, it has a narrow frame but it is convenient to glide through doorways of standard size. It is very light in weight and you can travel with it very easily. It fits right into the trunk of your car and has two step push up mechanism to get ready for usage. No wonder this model is starred as 4.7 at Amazon, the product has rocked the market.

So, as we reach at the end of this section, you can see that all the models that are launched by this brand are worth investing. BOB so far is the ideal brand to consider, whenever you feel the need of buying a perfect baby stroller for your bundle of joy.

Why Choose BOB Double Strollers

Who can question the fact that there are invincible items are astounding brands available in market, when it comes to baby gears. But the matter of concern here is not about the number of brands that are delivering their products. The question is about how BOB Double Strollers are different than other brands. It is important for the readers to be pursued before they can settle on investing in a certain brand. So, here is what you can find in all the BOB manufactured gears and what make this brand different from others. Let’s check out the points:

  • Durability: The prime measure that every parent would like to take in account is the durability. No matter how many kids you have in your family, every person who invests in a double stroller takes that decision with a vision to use it for ages. Double Strollers by BOB are amazingly ensured for the durability. These are strongly built and you can use them for your children, without any fear of getting your bundle of joy getting harmed in any possible way.
  • Fine Looks: Now are the times when the appearance of everything you buy means a lot. BOB products are finely detailed with brilliant features. At the same time, the looks of the gears are uncompromised. You can find different funky colors in the gears that your kids would love. The looks of these products are highly fascinating for the kids.
  • Value for money: Whatever element you search for in your product, you can get them all in these strollers. These are comfortable and you can have different seating configurations with its products. Speaking of the prices of these gears, BOB products are never heavy on the pocket. This brand ensures best value of money that any other brand can possibly propose.
  • Lightweight: Another important factor that every parent would keep in mind is about the compatibility of the gear. BOB products are least in weight and highly compact. They can be handled with single hand. When you have to push open this product, you don’t have to put in many efforts. Same is the case when you have to disassemble it. This, you don’t have to worry about the costing or the applaud-able features that you get in these products.
  • Comfortable: Most importantly, these products are highly comfortable in usage. These can be easily reclined and the comfort of the rider is kept in close check. The seats of the strollers are made up of most fantastic quality cushions. Even after long rides, you baby will never feel restless being on the seat of the stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the seats of BOB Strollers configurable?

Most of the range in BOB strollers gives you high command of versatility. You can configure car seats the way you want. You are most likely to get a variety in seat configuration when you are investing in tandem strollers.

How does this brand ensure comfortable and smooth rides?

Well, for the comfort, you have got best seats with most desirable material. The baby will never feel uncomfortable while placed at the seat. For smooth rides, most of the BOB products are fashioned with adjustable suspension system that makes the rides smoother.

Are the strollers compatible with the doorways?

The products by BOB are launched in the market before getting tested for these measures. For a normal doorway, the strollers are easily compatible. These strollers can also be reformed into its compact self to carry from narrow passages.


With due respect to all the above mentioned arguments and facts, this brand has been entitled as the foremost brand in manufacturing best double strollers. Parents spend hours and hours in thinking and planning a purchase. Well this defines their nature of concern for their kids and of course for the high amount that they are going to spend. BOB strollers befit every requirement earnestly. These strollers are equipped with every essential feature that any stroller must have. The looks are great and they are also every green. You don’t have to worry about reusing it after years. Also the pricing of these products is finely done. Thus, you are getting all the essential features that you might need in your baby stroller. I would suggest that BOB strollers are the finest quality strollers’ at most suitable price. So, you can make a purchase fearlessly and won’t get to regret ever.


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