Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Reviews

Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller: A General Synopsis

Time pass with high pace soon after the birth of baby. People usually keep a gap of 2 years after the birth of first baby to plan the second one. In this era of high expenses, it becomes quite competitive to afford different strollers for different kids. People have become smart and that is why they prefer buying double stroller instead of single stroller.

Double strollers are way useful for kids than single stroller. Firstly, you don’t have to manage two kids separately. Secondly, the making of these strollers is such that these can be used for various purposes. Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is an idea option that you can check out.

There are various other models in double strollers available in market but Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is one of a kind. It is a fully featured stroller at such amazing price. This one has got seven different seating configurations. So your baby can enjoy the ride in multiple ways.

Customer Benefits:

Double strollers are always more beneficial for parents than single strollers. There are plenty of plus factors that are useful for customers. Talking about this model, you can find:

  • Kids tray so that you can feed your kid on the ride. This tray is used to put some simple eatables or milk bottle. Same way, there is a parent’s tray. This tray consists of a cup holder. You can take eatables with your during the ride.
  • There are two comfortable seats in the stroller that let you take both your kids out. Also there are 7 seating configurations that allow you to place the seats, the way they work for you.
  • The wheels of this stroller are shock absorbent. That is why they don’t let your kid get disturbed due to the road bumps during the ride.

Same way, there are excellent customer benefits that you can expect with this amazing stroller.


  • The product is equipped with 7 seating configuration. These are: Facing forward, one infant car seat, single seat shopping, both looking out, eyes on you, facing each other and much more. You can make the adjustments the way you like.
  • It is a space friendly product. For parents that are conscious about the stroller to pass through from doorways easily, this is an ideal model. Also the stroller can be folded with both the seats. Thus it makes the stroller even useful to store when not in use.
  • The comfort of child is uncompromised in this model. There is a UPF 50+ rated canopy. Then you get a zipper mesh for further protection. There is three point reclining and 5 point safety harness. Other noteworthy features are comfy headrest, large seats, adjustable footrest and padded napper bar.
  • This model is available in two ravishing color variants such as Red Velvet and Sand. Both the colors look equally ravishing so you can make a pick as per your likeliness.
  • Each seat can accommodate baby weighing 40 lb. Kids of 2+ years in age can relish rides in this amazing stroller. Also there are finely approachable parent’s tray and kid’s tray for further convenience.


There are multiple pros of this product that can help you in understanding the credibility of this product.

  • It has got a large storage space for parents that like to take multiple belongings of their kids for the ride.
  • It has got nice expandable canopy
  • There are seven different ways in which the seats can be configured. It suits everyone’s needs
  • Ungraded tires for better maneuverable
  • The folding of this product is easy and it get converted into highly compact size
  • It is fashioned with 3 reclining positions


  • The parents tray is not big enough for comfortable usage
  • Kid’s headrest is little tight and does not open up easily.

Customer Score and Rating:

With the amalgam of data from Amazon and other review websites, I have come to a solution that this product has been immensely appreciated by the buyers. It seems like a perfect addition in the gear section of their kids. This product scores 4.4 stars. Clearly, it is quite liked by the buyers. This model has got various distinctive and praiseworthy features that make it number one choice for the buyers. On the top of that, it is a Contour product which means, it is synonymous with good looks, efficient engineering and durability. People have also appreciated the pricing of this model as it is available at such competitive price at Amazon.

How To Use This Product?

This product is easy to use. The details can be discovered in the guide as it consists of step by step approach. The folding and assembling of this product is though quite simple. It includes single hand push up and folding mechanism. The seats are adjustable that is why they can be easily positioned in the stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the in-built seats removable?

Yes, you can completely remove both the seats and place car seats as per your convenience. Due to the provision of 7 seat configuration, you can make the placement of the seats as you like.

How much weight can each seat accommodate?

Well, according to the manual and my personal usage, this product can accommodate 40 Lb weight on each seat.


Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is a perfect pick for your bundle of joy. It is available in two color variants that are: Sand and Red Velvet. Talking about the pricing of the product, it is affordable enough for customers. This product is available in a price of $299.99 at Amazon. With easy to fold mechanism, largest storage space, comfy seats and multiple configurations, this product indeed is worth your consideration. You can take your kids for a comfortable and easy ride. For new parents, this is a product that is worth investing. You can also browse customer approbations and reviews about this model.

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