Graco Duoglider Classic Connect Stroller Reviews

Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller: A Comprehensive Overview

All the moms in this world have only one concern and that is the security of their kid. In terms of durability, no mother can compromise with the security of their child. When it’s about baby stroller, the prime concern of every parent before buying one is the comfort of their child and durability of the product. Most of the users have given thumbs up to the Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller due to its brilliant crafting and engineering. There are many focusable features in this product that will steal your attention. This Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller Review will give you a complete insight about this model. We will discuss all the features and other aspects in detail below:

Customer Benefits

  • This product is best suited for parents of two children.
  • Durable product for long lasting usage.
  • Large storage space for parents to keep their personal belongings as well as their kids.
  • Heavy metal used while construction for stability and easy handling.
  • Stadium type seating for more versatility


Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller is finely enriched in amazing features. Starting from its durability to its stunning looks, everything is highly commendable. Here is the list of features that you can find in this product:

  • Seat For two: Well, as it is a double stroller, surely it will have the provision of two seats. There are stadium style car seats that can be easily detached from the metal frame. The seats can recline easily to a certain angle. There is a rotating canopy and footrest for further comfort.
  • Highly Comfortable: As the seats are reclining and there is a rotating canopy, there is a complete provision of comfort for both the riders. The former seat is raised slightly above. This keeps both the riders on ease for long rides. Even for the mothers, it is comfortable to handle. The stroller can be managed with single hand. Moreover the seats of the stroller are highly comfortable.
  • Durability: Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller is made up of combination of materials. Polyester, plastic and metal is used to manufacture this product. All these materials ensure guaranteed stability and durability of the product.
  • Easy Handling: The folding of the product is quite simple. This model allows one hand management of the stroller. Whether you want to open the stroller or you want to fold it after usage, it is just a matter of one hand to manage the stroller.
  • Additional Features: Considering the additional features that are incorporated in this model, you can find: this stroller can hold two children more than 40 pounds in weight for each kid, lockable front swivel wheels, equipped with parent tray and children tray, both seats reclining, etc. This model is rich in amazing features that will definitely draw your attention while you visit market to buy a double stroller.


  • It is easy to drive this product through doorways. This model being a stadium style seating causes no trouble while you take it through the doorways.
  • Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller has got great space for storage of to be carried stuff. Among other strollers of same kind, the storage space is quite large.
  • It is very conveniently priced, given the good looks and amazing features that you get to enjoy in this product.
  • The product has got very fashionable look and available in great color pick. Also the product has got very comfortable interior to ensure utmost comfort of the rider.


  • Some parents have complained that the stroller is hard to turn. For straight street usage, it is fine in usage but for turns, sometimes this product causes some trouble.
  • It becomes heavy to ride with both the kids. The complaint is again due to the wheels of the stroller.

Customer Score And Rating:

As I said, the product has been quite appreciated by folks of now times. It is a perfect model for people who are always on a run in their home chores or professions. Taking it from the most laudable websites online, the product is scored 4.5 stars. People are also leaving amazing comments for this model. Users are more than satisfied with the features, looks, durability and versatility of this model.

How To Use This Product?

The usage of this product is just like any other stroller. It is a self equipped product. Still you can find a handsome collection of accessories along-with it. In the accessory box, you will also discover a manual guide. This is where you can find all the loops and attachments. The process is explained in depth about how the stroller frame has to be prepared. Most of the stroller is just push up where you just have to use one hand and put up the frame. Before placing the seats, you have to ensure that the brakes are applied for safe usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQ by customers:

Can I put 2 seats in the stroller?

Yes definitely, this product is equipped with decent space that can accommodate two car seats.

Can the stroller easily fit any car?

Yes, this stroller being styled like a stadium, it can be kept in any car trunk.

Can I get guide for accurate usage of product?

Graco products are always equipped with guides that will help you in using the stroller efficiently.


As a final word, I would say that whatever essential features are required for a stroller are seamlessly available in this model. It is priced genuinely and the rating is also quite appreciating. Considering both the prime concerns of parents, it is durable and comfortable option for your kid. Given the looks, features and appreciation that customers have given this product, I think it is a considerable product in a price of $134.98. So, I would say that this product is worth your interest and money.

Graco Double Stroller


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