Keeping your Baby Safe on a Baby Swing


Baby safety has long been the utmost prior feature of any baby product in the market, without the exception of baby swings – the trending must-have accessories for parents currently raising infants. Putting your baby in a baby swing, you can now go elsewhere to do other things or simply have some self-recharging rest. However, despite the fact that baby swings nowadays are specially designed for baby safety, before leaving your kid with the swing, always make sure to follow some precautions like below to prevent risks of accidents (they did happen, mostly due to improper utilization).


It is crucial that parents keep an attentive eye on their little kids on the swing, so it is best to put the swing anywhere in constant sight. Make sight of your baby full view if possible, so that monitoring your baby gets easier. Nevertheless, though considered better for sighting your child, putting the swing on greater height from the ground is a mistake. Also, always check the base before putting baby on the swing to make sure the risk of swing falling off does not happen – as the swing’s backward-and-forward or side-to-side movements may cause slight moves on the base, many of which can lead to an unexpected fall-off.


Safety belts

Under no circumstances should you not secure the swing safety straps (like seat belts on a car seat, but on a swing), even if you will only leave them there for a short time. These straps are important to your baby just as much as your wearing a seat belt when driving, so put them on at all times! Tightness is also important. If the strap is too loose, baby might fall off or slide down the swing; if too tight, baby would feel uncomfortable.

Transferring and adjustments

As long as your baby is still strapped in the swing, whether swinging or having stopped, at no time should you transfer the swing to another location. Always pick up your baby from the swing before moving it, say, from the living room to the garden and vice versa. The same thing should be done before adjusting the position of the reclining seat. Never carry out the position adjustments while your baby is still there.

Extra objects

A baby swing, without a doubt, should never be boring because you are putting a colicky newborn that, at times, may need to be calmed down from fidgety, while you are probably working or craving for some resting. Most parents would hang some toys in the swing for their babies to play with. However, do not do that at all! At your short notice, your baby may choke on the toy, or there might be a loose toys fall-off accident. Your baby still needs the toys, though – and it is not that difficult to solve thanks to the new swing models with built-in toys.

To conclude, baby swings – like any other baby product with their own risks – should be utilized properly for the sake of your baby’s safety. It is not so hard to take precautions at all, then why not because baby swings can be a wonderful godsend for both baby and parents!


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