Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Reviews

SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger: A Stylish Ride For Your Tot

SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger stroller is a perfect addition in Schwinn family of brilliant baby strollers. Well I would say that soon after the launch of this product in the market, it has touched the pinnacle in sales. It is an easy to use, fast going and comfortable jogging stroller for the current time families that are always on a move.

Customer Benefits:

  • This model gives a comfortable hold and has got the most preeminent walking and running compartments. The balancing of the stroller is also quite stable, all thanks to the front wheels.
  • The product gives you a perfect view from inside-out. It has provision that allow you to have the sight inside of the stroller. So even when the baby is sleeping, you can keep a close check on them.
  • The stroller offers enough space for the baby to stay with ease inside of it. It also allow baby to share some space with their toys and comfy products such as cushions, etc.
  • Also the umbrella of the stroller is huge. It keeps your baby from getting exposed to sun or rain, whatever the weather is like.


  • Lightweight: The product is less in weight as it is crafted with 100% aluminium. Besides being a double stroller, the handling of this product is extremely easy. It is a lightweight product with flexible frame.
  • Fully Equipped: Well, SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger is completely safe for the kids. The movement of the stroller can conveniently be controlled with the help of the swivel. The product can easily be packed or unpacked by using dual trigger. As the tyres that are incorporated with the ride are extra thick, it gives you a stable and smooth riding experience.
  • Perfect Safety Mechanism: Well, for the routine parent joggers, this product has got cup holders that can be used to keep water bottles or coffee cups while you take your baby for a ride. Then there are canopy mounted speakers that are compatible with all sorts of MP3 players. You can enjoy undistorted music while you take your kids out on a ride.
  • General Attributes: It has a weight of 39 lbs and the dimensions are: 49×32.7×40 inches. It is foldable and have comfortable and spacious storage compartment. It is also available in various color variants.


  • The price of the product is quite conveniently affordable.
  • It is quite flexible in usage.
  • The swivel will help you in easy handling.
  • It is equipped with cup holding trays and speakers for your entertainment.


  • The only drawback of this product is that it is quite large. It is best suited for toddlers from 6 months to 2 years old.

How To Use This Product?

You can find a complete manual guide along-with the product that will teach you about the right usage. You have to unfold the frames, attach all necessary segments and prepare the stroller for safe usage by following instructions in the manual.


It is a self equipped stroller so not much of the additional accessories are incorporated with the product. Accessories that are already installed in the stroller while manufacture, is the canopy speakers, cup holders, comfy cushions for comfortable sitting, etc. These can be connected to various brands MP3 players. You will also get manual guide about correct usage of the stroller.


Well, here are some of the frequently asked questions about this model, here you go:

Does the Stroller get through the doorways comfortably?

Well, it is made according to the basic size of every average door. So it can walk through the doorways without getting stuck.

Is it suitable for a Newborn?

Well, the seats do recline over an angle of 145 degrees, it is recommended to not to place a 2 month old newborn in the stroller. Once the child is above 5 months of age, you can use this product.


To conclude, all I will say that SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger is a perfect purchase for your babies. It is reasonably priced and rich in features. Customers have also given loud approbation to the product so you can fearlessly invest in this model.

Schwinn Double Stroller

Schwinn Double Stroller Reviews

Schwinn Double Strollers- Most Amazing Baby Gears

Schwinn- more commonly known as the leading brand to manufacture best baby gears was found by a German man in Chicago. The inception of this brand is a history. It was born many decades ago and with passing time, this brand has crafted an invincible presence in the industry.

It is a sub brand of Dorel Industries. The double strollers that are manufactured under the brand name of Schwinn have unique features and amazing engineering. Today, this brand is the most shining name in the industry and has built its rock solid presence among other same niche brand names.

There are many successful examples of double strollers that have really done great job in seeking customer appreciation in abundance. The strollers are very genuinely priced, ensure optimum quality and are crafted with most solid material. In nutshell it can be said that these strollers are packaged with best of the features.

Best Selling Schwinn Double Strollers

There is no denying that this brand has given brilliant examples whenever its strollers are considered. Here are some of the best Schwinn Double Strollers that can be brought fearlessly for your bundle of joy.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger:

There is a reason why I have chosen this one to be the first on my list. This product has been engineered commendably. It has a very sharp look and has been created in a soothing mix of grey and blue. The price of this model is $239.99 at Amazon. So, it is recommended to you to buy this product only from Amazon, if you want to safe a considerable amount of money on this line of products. It is 4 stars product. Clearly, it has been quite appreciated by the customers.

The frame of this product is made up of aluminium so it is the reliable model to invest in. There is a dual trigger folding mechanism that makes folding of this product quite easy. You can also pack it up or reassemble it with one hand. Also there is a child’s tray and parent’s tray with a bottle holder. The molded trays can be opened with a flip. Coming to the weight capacity, this one can handle 1 child up to 50 pounds in weight. Both the seats can have a child with the respective weight capacity.

The dimensions of this product are 32 x 28 x 15 inches and it weighs 52 pounds. It is a brilliantly crafted model, rich in features and amazing for your child. It also has a manual locking front wheel and the canopies mounted speakers. Almost all mp3 models are compatible with this model. So, you can easily settle with this model if you are looking for a budget friendly option that is equipped with best of the features.

Schwinn Discover Double Swivel Stroller:

This is another Schwinn model that has been appreciated whole heartedly. It is available at a price of $304.14 at Amazon. Considering the consideration that customers have given this product, you will be amazed to know that it has received 4 stars with some of the most supportive customer reviews. Now, heading towards the section of features, here is what you can get in this model:

Maintaining their signature quality, this one is also built with aluminium. It is a heavy metal that is used to ensure optimum security of the rider. Adding more towards the safety quotient, there is dual trigger folding mechanism that can help furthermore. The features of first model and this one are almost the same as they are titled under same brand name. It gives easy handling and maneuverability. The tires of this product are used of superior quality so they have created a balance when you are walking through rough roads.

It is a brilliant model for transporting as it is folded and reshaped into its compact self. No wonder there are brilliant other options available in market but this model have got perfect features. The appearance of this model is also something worth noticing. Seats are cushioned with best quality material in order to ensure comfy rides of the rider. Whatever you need to have in your stroller, you can simply find it here. This one is very genuinely priced and can become an amazing option to invest in. As the strollers can easily be used for ages and by various generations, spending this much of amount won’t trouble you much.

Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller, Red:

Well, in terms of pricing, this product might goes on a different level but still, it is worth commending when you will see its features. It is a smart looking stroller that is equipped with every possible feature. Amazingly shaped in Red color, this product could also be a perfect gift for Christmas. Well, heading towards the main section, the cost of this model is $599.99 at Amazon. As you check out this product here at the site, you will see the discounts and how awesome it is to save money by buying it from here.

The capacity of the seats installed in the stroller is 50 pounds each. Amazing handling of the product is ensured and you can effortlessly roll it at any platform. You don’t necessarily have to have twins in order to use this model. Even if both your children have an age gap of 2 years, you can conveniently take both your kids for a ride. The storage space is huge and it has molding parent’s tray as well as children’s tray.

There is a large canopy to safeguard the baby from any sort of harmful rays. This model is engineered in side by side look. It gives better handling with this model. Other than that, you can also find Mp3 port that is compatible with various mp3 systems. The seats that are installed with this model are great and comfortable to ensure comfort of the baby throughout the ride.

Why Choose Schwinn Double Strollers?

You can find multiple reasons for choosing Schwinn as the trustworthy brand to buy baby stroller. Some of the noteworthy reasons are set forth:

  • Easy Handling: The first point to give you thumbs up for this stroller is the handling thing. Usually. Parents are worried about the maneuverability of the stroller that they are investing in. The strollers by Schwinn are so crafted that they provide best maneuverability. Also because the frame of the stroller is aluminium made, it gives complete and safe hold of the stroller. Also it can handle the weight of the child easily.
  • Comfy Seating: Well, it is something very important for all parents. Clearly, no parents want to buy a product that cannot ensure their child’s comfort. Schwinn Double Strollers have great seats that suitable fit into the frame. Also they are finely cushioned so that your child doesn’t feel uneasy on a long ride.
  • Ample Space: However there are many different types of strollers available in the market but in terms of space, Schwinn strollers are the best. All the strollers that are manufactured by this brand come with a huge storage section below the seats. You also get parent’s tray and child’s tray where the eatables can be placed.
  • Reclining Seats: Well, a baby cannot keep awake for long hours in a day when you are taking them for a ride. It becomes essentially important to invest in the strollers that have reclining seats. In this way you can ensure optimum comfort of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There might be plenty of questions that you need answered but I have jotted some of the frequently asked questions. These might get some facts clear to you:

What is the average weight capacity of Schwinn Strollers?

A normal stroller manufactured by this brand can hold up to 50 lbs each seat. So, it will be easy to use this stroller till your child turns 3.

Are the car seats detachable?

The seats are detachable and you can replace them with any other car seats. A standard sized car seat fits into the Schwinn frame.

Are the seats reclining?

All strollers that are manufactured by this brand have perfectly reclining seats. These strollers can be very comfortable for long rides. You kid can easily sleep or stay awake while out on a ride.


It is time to judge the credibility of the Schwinn chain of products. On an average, all the products that are launched by this brand have got pretty good rating. The prices of the range of products are brilliantly surprising. You can have great features in all the products such as better maneuverability, great hold of the stroller, multiple canopies, easy and spontaneous brakes, etc. Other than that, products have rubberized grip to keep the hold stiff and tight. To conclude all I would say is that Schwinn is an amazing brand and worth your expenses. It is a safe gear for your bundle of joy that deserves a great amount of consideration.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Reviews

Baby Trend Sit And Stand Double Stroller Review: A Perfect Helping Guide

For the expecting parents, baby stroller is the kind of investment that you cannot escape. It is a necessary parenting gear that every parent needs for their child. These gears are used until your child is ready to walk and accompany you outdoors. Most of the children start walking by themselves for a considerable distance, after the age of 3 or 4. Therefore, till then, baby stroller is a must have. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller is a perfect product for your child and you. It is crafted with stadium styled seats and can accommodate two kids.

Well, the price of this product is $144.99 at Amazon making it quite affordable for parents. It is 4.5 stars product that has managed to accumulate a lot of customer appreciation. The looks of this model are quite stunning and also it is made up of toughest metal to ensure long life. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller is a must have stroller for your kids in order to take them with you for rides or for shopping in a convenient way.

Customer Benefits:

Here are some of the benefits for customers:

  • Help you in taking both your kids out for a ride at a time. As there is a provision to accommodate two children, you don’t have to leave one behind at home.
  • Large storage space that can help you in keeping number of kids and your belongings along with. You can also go shopping with both your kids and store the purchased goods in the storage space.
  • Single-hand push up of the stroller that give you ease of managing the stroller with your baby in other hand. It is highly convenient to use.


Here is the list of noteworthy features of this product.

  • Parking Brake: Brakes of any stroller plays a significant part. These have to be spontaneous and functional for the security of the child. The parking brakes that are used in the manufacture of the stroller can be used for slowing and stopping purposes. These brakes are easy to use and also works fine on the slippery ground.
  • Huge Storage Space: This product has got a lot of storage space as the storage basket is quite big. While taking your child out on a ride, you don’t have to carry an extra bag for diapers and other necessary belongings that they might need. You can simply keep all the belongings into the storage basket. This feature is of great use for all the mothers.
  • Adaptable: If you are worrying about the fact that whether or not the stroller will easily slip through doorways then you don’t have to be anxious. Secondly, you can conveniently place two cars seats on the metal frame. Different car seats can be easily accommodated by the stroller. Plus the product comes with best brand car seats so there is no need to make an additional purchase.


  • Comfortable seats with a provision of accommodating kids of 50 pounds weight each
  • Single hand fold and management of the stroller without much efforts to be put in use
  • Adjustable wheels that doesn’t maneuver in bumpy areas
  • Great storage for keeping all the necessities during the ride
  • Multiple brand car seats can easily fit in the metal frame


  • This model doesn’t maneuver well in bumpy areas

Customer Score and Ratings:

Well, taking in account customer approbation, here is the synopsis on Amazon customer reviews and score. This product has scored 4.4 stars in rating. Based on the judgment of hundreds of reviews, people have given immense appreciation to this model. You can also check out most relevant reviews and assimilate what people are saying about this product. All the reviews contain substance on each and every feature, giving you thorough information on what are plus and minus of this model.

How to use this product?

This product is very easy to use. The making process is mentioned in the manual that comes along-with the model. It has a parking brake that ensures optimum security and easy handling of the product. You just have to stretch and open the product completely. Then the detachable car seats have to be positioned on the metal frame. The seats have to be tied to the frame to ensure security of the babies. This is the basic outlook on how to use this product. For complete information, you can refer the manual guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQ that you might need to know:

Does every brand car seat fit easily?

Yes, every brand car seat can easily slip into the metal frame of the stroller. You don’t have to worry about any specific brand before you finally settle on buying the extra car seats.

Does the stroller come with both the seats?

Yes, the stroller comes with both the seats. You don’t have to spend extra bucks in order to buy the second seat.


Therefore, to conclude our review, I would like to say that Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller is a budget friendly and feature rich product. It is available in two different color options: Carbon and Millennium. This product is a perfect solution for all your needs. The rear seat allows your older child to stand or sit on the platform or seat, as per their likability. This product has been widely accepted and liked by buyers. Considering the customer reviews and score, it is a rocking entry in Baby Trends family. This product weighs 30.9 pounds and it is can easily slip through the doorways. All in all, it is a perfect purchase for modern parent that are always on a move. You don’t have to leave your kids behind when you have to go out for shopping or to meet your friends. The comfortable seats will not bother your kids for long hours.

Baby Trend Double Stroller

Baby Trend Double Stroller Reviews

Baby Trend Double Stroller: A Pro Purchase

I don’t need to mention that curious detail of all parents for buying baby gears. It is mandatory. Babies not only come with a lot of happiness but they also bring major responsibilities. The duties that cannot be taken for granted. While abiding by your duties, you have to spend a lot of cash. The things that are to be bought soon after the birth of your baby are countless in number.

Double stroller is one of the prime needs. If you are expecting your first baby, then you might be thinking of buying single stroller. But here is where you are making a terrible mistake. After your first child, for how long would you wait to plan the second baby? If you are a planner and money analyst, you really need to give it a thought.

In times like current, you don’t have a choice whether or not to think about your money. For all the parents who want to have two kids, a double stroller is a perfect choice to make. There are plenty of reasons to support the argument. It is indeed the most suitable way to secure you for future troubles.

Now you must be thinking about the suitable brand to buy. Well, you might find plenty of them listing their products online but if you really want a reliable and versatile product, nothing could be more suitable then Baby Trends Double Strollers. This brand has been rated among top 5 brands to manufacture quality baby gears. The products manufactured under this brand name are suitable in price, amazing in designing, convenient in usage. All in all, baby trends double strollers are brilliant for all your needs.

Best Selling Baby Trend Double Strollers:

For the ones who are desperately looking for suggestions, here are the ideal options by Baby Trends to invest in:

Baby Trend Sit And Stand Double Stroller, Elixer:

This product is great in looks and available to you at unbelievable price of $125.99 at Amazon. About the customer review, this one has scored 4.5 stars- quite appreciative. 2 babies each weighing 50 pounds can be accommodated by this model. It is a perfect stroller with stadium style seating for your kids. There is a huge parent’s tray and child’s tray. Also there is huge storage space available with this model. There is a parking brake and child standing platform. It is a suitable for kids that have age gap of around 2 years amongst. You can be lucky to have various accessories with this model. It is a brilliant model, highly affordable and stunning in looks. This model is available in brilliant combination of purple and black. The weight of this model is 30.9 pounds. Because it is styled in stadium seats, you can pass it through standard sized doors and pass-ways.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller:

This one might take a leap in the pricing but still it is highly affordable then other brand models available in market. This fancy looking stroller is available at Amazon in price of $186.53. Surprising isn’t it? Well, this model has been styled in side by side seats. It is detailed in Vangaurd color with a combination of black. You can well imagine the looks of this model. Well, just like the first model, this one also has a parent’s tray as well as child’s tray. Also the storage space in this product is huge that is covered so you can protect whatever you have kept in the storage box. The best part is that there are 2 storage baskets rather than one. Other than that, there are MP3 speakers and padded seats that ensure comfort of your baby. The weight of this model is 48.5 pounds. But you can easily fold this model and store it or port it anywhere you like in your car. This model has double front swivel or locking wheels. Also this model is incorporated with all terrain air filled bicycle tires for smooth pushing. Each seat reclines comfortably and individually. So this product is really a steal. If you want extra amazing features, you might not want to miss this model.

Baby Trend Sit And Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller- Phantom:

This model is a different from the other two mentioned above, but this is what Baby Trend products are popular for. This brand has great variety of products to offer its buyers. Well this model is available for $125.87 at Amazon. Just like other double strollers, this one can also accommodate 2 kids providing one kid can be seated and other one has to stand. That is why this model is named as sit and stand stroller. Just below the seats, there is a huge storage basket that can be used for various purposes. The weight of this model is merely 17 pounds. It is compact and easy in transporting from one place to another in any car type. Also it does not require much space to cross through the door ways. It has front swivel wheels and parking brakes. Just like other models, this one has also got parent’s tray and child’s tray. You can carry eatable along with to the ride. This model also has seating arrangement for the child standing on the rear platform. It is also a brilliant model that you can buy. Also it will not suck up all your savings as it is quite affordable.

Why Choose Baby Trend Double Strollers:

Parents are usually curious about the pros of buying branded double strollers. I take much delight in exposing shining points of capable brands to the buyers and help them in making best decision. Baby Trends is a brand whose glory speaks for it. This brand was launched around 25 years back. It is quite a long time to build a reliable space in every heart. While you go out in the market or you visit a baby gear conventional store, Baby Trends is a brand that you will definitely come across. Here are some of the persuasive points to convince you to buy Baby Trends Double Stroller:

Fancy: Style has become equally necessary as that of comfort in baby strollers. If you are not having a fancy looking product, it can really hamper your baby’s personality. You guys, don’t take this aspect as a joke. Kids are very demanding these days. You might not consider this point on the time of buying but you won’t be able to answer your kid’s questions when you will show them their baby ride. So, be conscious about it.

Feature Packed: Only looks cannot be enough. You are buying a stroller so that your baby can enjoy long comfortable rides. Therefore, the stroller has to be rich in features. Baby Trend strollers are highly comfortable, great in handling, perfect maneuverability, instant brakes, reclining seats and much more. So you can fearlessly invest in these strollers.

Affordable: Pricing is always a huge concern for all the buyers. Best part of Baby Trend strollers is they that they are quite easy on the pocket. They don’t hamper your savings much so you also don’t have to worry about the cash that you might have to spend.

Most Admired: In terms of customer admiration, this brand has got excellent feedback and rating. Customers are quite satisfied with the offerings of this brand. You can find plenty of Baby Trend Double strollers with best feedback. Thus customer approbation makes this brand a reliable one.

I guess, there are plenty of reasons that you might get to buy its products. You just have to make up your mind and invest in the model that you like the most for your bundle of joy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are a concerned parent then you might have various questions about the stroller that you are about to buy. Here is a list of FAQs that will help you in understand more about this brand:

Can I use other brand car seats in the models manufactured by Baby Trends?

The seats of baby trend strollers are detachable. You can use any brand car seats in the frame. You will be surprised that many portable car seats just fit fine in the frame of this brand’s strollers.

Can I fold the item?

Of course, it is easy to fold the strollers with single hand. Even if you want to store it some place or fit it into your car, this product is easy going. Also for storing, the products by this brand do not consume much space.


For anyone who is looking for a perfect double stroller with brilliant features, alluring looks and great hold, baby trend is the perfect solution for you. Customers are quite pleased with the pricing of this brand as well. Given the excellent features, the prices are highly genuine. You can have plenty of worth buying options listed at Amazon by Baby Trend. So guys; check out its products and buy the one that you like the most. Happy Shopping!

Graco Duoglider Classic Connect Stroller Reviews

Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller: A Comprehensive Overview

All the moms in this world have only one concern and that is the security of their kid. In terms of durability, no mother can compromise with the security of their child. When it’s about baby stroller, the prime concern of every parent before buying one is the comfort of their child and durability of the product. Most of the users have given thumbs up to the Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller due to its brilliant crafting and engineering. There are many focusable features in this product that will steal your attention. This Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller Review will give you a complete insight about this model. We will discuss all the features and other aspects in detail below:

Customer Benefits

  • This product is best suited for parents of two children.
  • Durable product for long lasting usage.
  • Large storage space for parents to keep their personal belongings as well as their kids.
  • Heavy metal used while construction for stability and easy handling.
  • Stadium type seating for more versatility


Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller is finely enriched in amazing features. Starting from its durability to its stunning looks, everything is highly commendable. Here is the list of features that you can find in this product:

  • Seat For two: Well, as it is a double stroller, surely it will have the provision of two seats. There are stadium style car seats that can be easily detached from the metal frame. The seats can recline easily to a certain angle. There is a rotating canopy and footrest for further comfort.
  • Highly Comfortable: As the seats are reclining and there is a rotating canopy, there is a complete provision of comfort for both the riders. The former seat is raised slightly above. This keeps both the riders on ease for long rides. Even for the mothers, it is comfortable to handle. The stroller can be managed with single hand. Moreover the seats of the stroller are highly comfortable.
  • Durability: Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller is made up of combination of materials. Polyester, plastic and metal is used to manufacture this product. All these materials ensure guaranteed stability and durability of the product.
  • Easy Handling: The folding of the product is quite simple. This model allows one hand management of the stroller. Whether you want to open the stroller or you want to fold it after usage, it is just a matter of one hand to manage the stroller.
  • Additional Features: Considering the additional features that are incorporated in this model, you can find: this stroller can hold two children more than 40 pounds in weight for each kid, lockable front swivel wheels, equipped with parent tray and children tray, both seats reclining, etc. This model is rich in amazing features that will definitely draw your attention while you visit market to buy a double stroller.


  • It is easy to drive this product through doorways. This model being a stadium style seating causes no trouble while you take it through the doorways.
  • Graco DuoSlider Classic Connect Stroller has got great space for storage of to be carried stuff. Among other strollers of same kind, the storage space is quite large.
  • It is very conveniently priced, given the good looks and amazing features that you get to enjoy in this product.
  • The product has got very fashionable look and available in great color pick. Also the product has got very comfortable interior to ensure utmost comfort of the rider.


  • Some parents have complained that the stroller is hard to turn. For straight street usage, it is fine in usage but for turns, sometimes this product causes some trouble.
  • It becomes heavy to ride with both the kids. The complaint is again due to the wheels of the stroller.

Customer Score And Rating:

As I said, the product has been quite appreciated by folks of now times. It is a perfect model for people who are always on a run in their home chores or professions. Taking it from the most laudable websites online, the product is scored 4.5 stars. People are also leaving amazing comments for this model. Users are more than satisfied with the features, looks, durability and versatility of this model.

How To Use This Product?

The usage of this product is just like any other stroller. It is a self equipped product. Still you can find a handsome collection of accessories along-with it. In the accessory box, you will also discover a manual guide. This is where you can find all the loops and attachments. The process is explained in depth about how the stroller frame has to be prepared. Most of the stroller is just push up where you just have to use one hand and put up the frame. Before placing the seats, you have to ensure that the brakes are applied for safe usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQ by customers:

Can I put 2 seats in the stroller?

Yes definitely, this product is equipped with decent space that can accommodate two car seats.

Can the stroller easily fit any car?

Yes, this stroller being styled like a stadium, it can be kept in any car trunk.

Can I get guide for accurate usage of product?

Graco products are always equipped with guides that will help you in using the stroller efficiently.


As a final word, I would say that whatever essential features are required for a stroller are seamlessly available in this model. It is priced genuinely and the rating is also quite appreciating. Considering both the prime concerns of parents, it is durable and comfortable option for your kid. Given the looks, features and appreciation that customers have given this product, I think it is a considerable product in a price of $134.98. So, I would say that this product is worth your interest and money.

Graco Double Stroller