Graco Double Stroller Reviews

Graco Double Stroller- A Perfect Match For Your Needs

Graco- An American baby Product Company which has been doing incredibly well in the market. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Graco Double Strollers are quite popular among customers with babies. There are plenty of amazing products manufactured by this brand that has done exceptionally well and brought immense sales to this brand. This article will educate a lot about the best selling Graco products and the strong points that encourage you to take a peep in the list of Grace Products. These strollers are highly suitable for people with variety of needs.

Best Selling Graco Double Strollers

Brands like Graco are no short in offerings but still there are certain products that have done exceptionally well in the market. Here is a brief review on 3 hot selling products by Graco. Check out the products and settle on the one that captures your attention the most.

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller, Glacier

Ok, now this product is my favorite. It has got such striking looks that when I saw it for the first time; I was completely allured by it. This one is available in a price range of $219.99 at Amazon. While you plan to buy this model at Amazon, get ready to relish some exceptional discount. Besides most mesmerizing looks, this one is crafted with superior features. It has a room for two kids that can comfortably land in the stroller. This machine gives 12 seating positions which increase the versatility level of this stroller. This one is quite admired by the customers and has received some very fine words.

The weight of this stroller is 33 pounds and the dimensions are 44 x 41 x 21 inches. The rear seat can accommodate a child 40 pounds in weight and for the other seat, a child of 50 pounds in weight can be accommodated. In this stroller you will get front seat, bench seat and standing platform. It is very smartly designed product with amazing features.

Some of the common features of this model are: this one has 12 seating configurations that can make riding more fun for your bundle of joy. It is one hand fold and open stroller, easy to handle. You can carry your baby in one hand and open the stroller with other hand. Other than that, you get a parent tray with a cup holder. The storage basket is extra large so you don’t have to worry about keeping some extra stuff while being on the ride. There are also lockable front swivel wheels with suspension. Child’s tray is removable so you can use it only if required. It is an amazing product that deserves your attention. Go guys, you can definitely check out all about this product at

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Slider, Dragonfly

For budget friendly purchase, Graco has given you a very suitable option of this model. This one is made up of polyester, plastic and metal. It is very beautifully crafted gear that has plenty of notable features. This one is available at a price of $134.99 at Amazon. Again, Amazon is the perfect website to buy Graco products as you can only expect huge discounts here only. It is designed in stadium style seating that makes it a sleek little stroller that can cross through standard doorways very easily. This model is a perfect gear for the people who wants to buy something is an affordable price.

Now coming to the next section, this model weighs 29 pounds and the dimensions are 35.5 x 20 x 40 inches. The best part of Graco products is that they are so rich in features. It has easy fold up mechanism, best wheels with super suspension so that you don’t have to worry about disturbing your child with various road hurdles. The maximum weight that this machine can accommodate is 50 pounds each seat.

Both the seats of this stroller are reclining so that the comfort of the rider is ensured. The seats of the stroller are cushioned and they are too comfortable. You can take you’re your child for long rides and will never have to come up with any trouble. This gear has lockable front swivel wheels that give you perfect control. The storage space in this stroller is huge and you can carry a lot of stuff along-with. Then there are parent’s tray and child’s tray to keep the refreshments. There is a small latch on the stroller. You can push it up to open the stroller and it can also be folded easily using the same latch. So guys, this gear is perfect for budget friendly people.

Graco Room For 2 Classic Connect

Now this one is a little from others as it has seating availability for one and the elder child can stand at the platform adjoining the seat. This one can be bought in a price of $128.38 at Amazon. It is also quite budget friendly so while planning for this model, you don’t have to worry about your money. You can also stretch the seat and make it a single stroller. Or you can leave a room for the elder child to stand at the platform. It can accommodate two children of 50 pounds in weight.

The weight of this gear is 26.5 pounds and its dimensions are: 42 x 21.5 x 40.5 inches. Customers have quite appreciated this model and the score of this product at Amazon is 4.5 stars. It is a multipurpose gear where you can connect a car seat for the elder child to sit. Basically there is only one seat in the stroller and for the elder child, there is a platform to stand and enjoy the ride. The seats are reclining and comfortable for the rider. Also there are latches that help in one hand folding and push up.

There is huge storage space in this gear and parent’s tray as well as child’s tray. Only little assembling of this stroller is needed however no specific tools are needed. You can pivot child’s tray to make an easy entrance in the stroller. It is a great purchase for budget concerned people.

Why Choose Grace Double Stroller?

OMG! There are plenty of reasons that support purchase of Graco Double Strollers. Here are some of the notable points that can change your perspective forever.

  • The looks of Graco strollers are to die for. All gears are available in very soothing combinations. You can see, there are plenty of strollers available online from this brand and you just cannot neglect them for looks. If you are very concerned about the look of the stroller, Graco have the best options.
  • The products by this brand have exceptional features and the best part is that all the features are available in budget friendly prices. You can also check out the above mentioned strollers. They all are quite finely detailed with brilliant features and the prices are unbelievable. Graco products are greatly suitable for various types of buyers, especially who consider price and amazing features.
  • The storage space is also great. Little ones have a lot of requirements on the ride so parents cannot keep carry a large baby bag everywhere they go. Even if you have a baby bag, you cannot wear it during the ride. There is a large storage space crafted in every double stroller that can be of great help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that every buyer is tending to ask.

What is the possible weight Graco Strollers can handle?

The specifications of weight accommodation are specified on every Graco stroller. However, each stroller can handle 100 pounds of weight in total. Other than that, you can place some stuff in the storage cart.

Is Sit and Stand Stroller a suitable purchase?

Yes. Wherever the engineering of the strollers is concerned, you can fearlessly invest in any product. The sit and stand strollers are highly versatile as the seat can be stretched completely. Besides, an extra seat can be placed in the frame for the elder child. This makes this stroller a perfect purchase.


To conclude I would like to say that Graco Double Strollers are a super hot in the realm of strollers. The gears are great in appearance and perfectly engineered. The best thing I like about Graco products is that they are available in great prices. Most of the high end companies tend to charges a lot but Graco maintains equilibrium in features and pricing. There are plenty of options available in the market that ensures complete value of money. You can fearlessly invest in any of the above mentioned models as you will notice; all of them have been quite appreciated by the buyers. They score more than 4.5 stars. So all these attributes make Graco products a perfect purchase so go right ahead and add Graco Double Stroller in your cart for your little bundle of joy.

Contours Double Stroller Reviews

The Highlights About The Contours Double Strollers

In the realm of most desired baby gear brands, Contour is something that is unarguably named. And when it’s about double strollers for babies, parents trust Contour more than any other brand. There are thousands of reasons that contribute in the accomplishments of this company. And why not, this brand has been delivering excellent products in the industry. There is no denying to the fact that Contour Double Strollers are the best because they have the most stunning looks, standard sizes, various seating configurations and much more to make it the best deal of purchase.

If you consider the prices of these strollers, you will find them a little above the standard MRP of related products from other brands. But at the same time, you can expect brilliant quality and an amazing return of money. No matter which product you select, it comes with genuine quality and credibility. So guys, put an end to the fear that you keep feeling while investing in any brand for double strollers and choose Contour Double Strollers, if you really wish to buy something authentic. You can find all the models by this brand listed at where you can also expect huge discounts.

Best Selling Contours Double Strollers

Here I have jotted a list of best selling Contour Double Strollers that have done remarkably well in the market. Customers who have invested in these strollers are highly satisfied. It is undeniably the best brand in baby double strollers for your bundle of joy. Let’s take a look at the top 3 Contour Double Strollers and unleash their pros:

Contours Options Tandem Baby Stroller- Red

This product has got most amazing features than any other double stroller. Enriched with great looks and brilliant engineering, this one is priced as $316.50 at Amazon. It is 5 stars product that have influenced the buyers to a great extent. I know you might find the price of this model a bit high but when you will know about the features, you won’t feel the price as bothering. It is an amazing product that can accommodate two children. The maximum weight that this model can accommodate is 80 lbs i.e. 40 lbs each child. So you can fearlessly use this stroller by the time your child is 3 years old.

Coming to the specifications of this model, you can find it brilliantly crafted. The seats are removable and there are seven different configurations in which the seats can be placed. It is a compact model. From the word compact, you don’t have to worry about your child’s comfort as the seats have enough space to give your child a comfy ride. You can fold the stroller with both seats on. Other than that, there are easy reclining seats and extra large canopies to cover the seats. Also there are adjustable footrests tall seats and plus headrests. You can also discover large storage space where you can keep whatever you like. Adding more to the versatility level of the stroller, there is parent’s tray and child’s tray to make your rides convenient.

The dimensions of this stroller when it is open are 49.5” L x 39.75”H. It can go through any standard doors so you will not have to trouble yourself with the doorways. The folded dimensions are 21”L x 38.75”H. Taking into account the folded dimensions, it can be stored in a very compact place. Also it is lightweight enough to put it in your car and travel wherever you want. It won’t block much space.

Contour Option Elite Tandem Stroller- Red Velvet

With a gracious price of $299.97 at Amazon, this model is perfect for all your needs. From over 160 customer reviews, this model has received 4.5 stars and a lot of appreciation from the customers. It is engineered with fine metal that can ensure longevity of this product. The looks are so alluring because this one is made up with a soothing combination of Red and Black. The price is quite affordable for customers. Customers have given such a commendable response to this model that you can easily spend your money while buying it. For personal level research, you can always check out Amazon reviews that you can find at the product page only.

It has 7 different seating configurations. The adapter can fit 20 different car seats. Conventionally this model has only one car seat and the second one can be purchased separately. There are zipper canopies with a peek-a-boo window. You can monitor your baby easily while on the ride. Other than that, this model has EVA rubber coated wheels that are also shock absorbing. You can easily fold the stroller with one hand while both seats on. It also has auto lock that prevents any kind of accidents. It has huge storage space as well. The dimensions of this model are 49.5 x 26 x 39.8 inches and it weighs 47 pounds. This one can accommodate 2 kids 40 pounds each in weight.

Blue Contour Double Tandem Stroller

This model has most amazing looks as it is designed with a unique blue color. It is available at Amazon at a price of $349.00. You can save a perfect amount of money on the purchase of this model. It is an incline double design where two kids can easily be seated. The versatility of this model is too high as it gives you 7 different seating configurations and removable and reversible seats. This stroller can be transformed into a portable form. Also you can get an adaptor for various brand car seats. The canopy has zipper mesh expansion to cover whole of the seat but there is a small window from where you can keep a look at the kids. The weight of this model is 38 pounds and the dimensions are 49.6 x 26 x 39.8 inches.

It is a highly appreciated product as people are sharing some great reviews and comments about this model. It has a huge storage space just below the seats. This model comes with warranty of a year. You can give ride to 2 kids in this model weighing 40 pounds each. It has 3 position reclining seats that ensure complete comfort. The parent’s cup holder and the child’s tray can be removed easily. It has a comfortable rounded footrest. The frame of the stroller is quite lightweight and it can be assembled easily. So all in all, this product is a perfect purchase for all the newbie parents.

Why Buy Contours Double Strollers?

Just like every other brand that is available in the market, Contour Double Strollers also have some unique attributes. Let’s see the attributes that can help you in giving a thought about this brand:

  • Firstly, for every buyer, it is very important to check the seats of the stroller. This is where their child is suppose to spend long hours during ride. The seats of Contour strollers are really comfortable. They are reclining and have huge canopies surrounding the seats.
  • The dimensions of its product are according to the standard size so that the strollers can easily get through the doorways. Also the strollers are easy to store and transport from one place to another. They don’t take an extra room in the back of your car.
  • Storage space is also a matter of concern for the buyers. You see, babies comes with a lot of stuff that they necessarily need at every moment. If you planning to take your baby for a long ride, there must be few things that you will need on the way. This is when huge storage space could be used. Also there is parent’s tray and child’s tray with every stroller that can help you in carrying refreshments on the way.

So these are few things that can insist you in making mind about Contours Double Strollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all the concerned parents, here is a list of FAQ. These questions have been compiled that you might want to get answered.

Are the seats of Contour strollers suitable for kids?

There are perfectly cushioned and comfortable enough that even after a long ride, your child will never get agitated. All the strollers that are manufactured by this brand have same kind of soft seats.

Are the dimensions of all the products same and can be fit into the standard sized trunk?

No, all the products have different dimensions. However, the sizes of all the strollers are not much variable. You can fold them and turn them into their compact self and store them into the trunk of any car.


Contour Double Strollers are very brilliantly made and these have amazing list of features to serve to the customers. They are priced decently and rich in good looks. It is a trusted brand by many customers and has received fine words of approbation from the customers. You can fearlessly invest in its strollers and buy a perfect gear for your bundle of joy.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Reviews

Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller: A General Synopsis

Time pass with high pace soon after the birth of baby. People usually keep a gap of 2 years after the birth of first baby to plan the second one. In this era of high expenses, it becomes quite competitive to afford different strollers for different kids. People have become smart and that is why they prefer buying double stroller instead of single stroller.

Double strollers are way useful for kids than single stroller. Firstly, you don’t have to manage two kids separately. Secondly, the making of these strollers is such that these can be used for various purposes. Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is an idea option that you can check out.

There are various other models in double strollers available in market but Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is one of a kind. It is a fully featured stroller at such amazing price. This one has got seven different seating configurations. So your baby can enjoy the ride in multiple ways.

Customer Benefits:

Double strollers are always more beneficial for parents than single strollers. There are plenty of plus factors that are useful for customers. Talking about this model, you can find:

  • Kids tray so that you can feed your kid on the ride. This tray is used to put some simple eatables or milk bottle. Same way, there is a parent’s tray. This tray consists of a cup holder. You can take eatables with your during the ride.
  • There are two comfortable seats in the stroller that let you take both your kids out. Also there are 7 seating configurations that allow you to place the seats, the way they work for you.
  • The wheels of this stroller are shock absorbent. That is why they don’t let your kid get disturbed due to the road bumps during the ride.

Same way, there are excellent customer benefits that you can expect with this amazing stroller.


  • The product is equipped with 7 seating configuration. These are: Facing forward, one infant car seat, single seat shopping, both looking out, eyes on you, facing each other and much more. You can make the adjustments the way you like.
  • It is a space friendly product. For parents that are conscious about the stroller to pass through from doorways easily, this is an ideal model. Also the stroller can be folded with both the seats. Thus it makes the stroller even useful to store when not in use.
  • The comfort of child is uncompromised in this model. There is a UPF 50+ rated canopy. Then you get a zipper mesh for further protection. There is three point reclining and 5 point safety harness. Other noteworthy features are comfy headrest, large seats, adjustable footrest and padded napper bar.
  • This model is available in two ravishing color variants such as Red Velvet and Sand. Both the colors look equally ravishing so you can make a pick as per your likeliness.
  • Each seat can accommodate baby weighing 40 lb. Kids of 2+ years in age can relish rides in this amazing stroller. Also there are finely approachable parent’s tray and kid’s tray for further convenience.


There are multiple pros of this product that can help you in understanding the credibility of this product.

  • It has got a large storage space for parents that like to take multiple belongings of their kids for the ride.
  • It has got nice expandable canopy
  • There are seven different ways in which the seats can be configured. It suits everyone’s needs
  • Ungraded tires for better maneuverable
  • The folding of this product is easy and it get converted into highly compact size
  • It is fashioned with 3 reclining positions


  • The parents tray is not big enough for comfortable usage
  • Kid’s headrest is little tight and does not open up easily.

Customer Score and Rating:

With the amalgam of data from Amazon and other review websites, I have come to a solution that this product has been immensely appreciated by the buyers. It seems like a perfect addition in the gear section of their kids. This product scores 4.4 stars. Clearly, it is quite liked by the buyers. This model has got various distinctive and praiseworthy features that make it number one choice for the buyers. On the top of that, it is a Contour product which means, it is synonymous with good looks, efficient engineering and durability. People have also appreciated the pricing of this model as it is available at such competitive price at Amazon.

How To Use This Product?

This product is easy to use. The details can be discovered in the guide as it consists of step by step approach. The folding and assembling of this product is though quite simple. It includes single hand push up and folding mechanism. The seats are adjustable that is why they can be easily positioned in the stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the in-built seats removable?

Yes, you can completely remove both the seats and place car seats as per your convenience. Due to the provision of 7 seat configuration, you can make the placement of the seats as you like.

How much weight can each seat accommodate?

Well, according to the manual and my personal usage, this product can accommodate 40 Lb weight on each seat.


Contour Options Elite Tandem Stroller is a perfect pick for your bundle of joy. It is available in two color variants that are: Sand and Red Velvet. Talking about the pricing of the product, it is affordable enough for customers. This product is available in a price of $299.99 at Amazon. With easy to fold mechanism, largest storage space, comfy seats and multiple configurations, this product indeed is worth your consideration. You can take your kids for a comfortable and easy ride. For new parents, this is a product that is worth investing. You can also browse customer approbations and reviews about this model.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller 1

Contours Double Stroller


Best Tandem Double Stroller

Best Tandem Double Strollers: These Are One Of A Kind

As a parent, there are thousands of things that you keep looking for your child. Soon after the birth, the responsibilities doubles and you have to take care of every need of your bundle of joy. While searching for a double baby stroller you come across two basic types of strollers. One is side by side stroller where the babies are positioned left and right of one another. The second option is to buy best tandem double strollers that are also known as stadium style seating strollers. It is quite perplexing to settle between both these strollers as both of these have several amazing features to serve to the buyers.

Tandem is certainly the better option in strollers to buy as these are sleek in size to take your children anywhere you like. These strollers are easy to pass through standard doorways and climb on an elevator. However the legroom for your kid is limited as the second seat is just positioned in front of the first seat. These strollers have longer frames yet these are the most suitable option for every buyer who is looking for best tandem double strollers.

Now we shall discuss some of the best tandem double strollers below:

Best Tandem Double Strollers

In this part I am listing best tandem double strollers. You don’t have to conduct a research from thrash and these recommendations will make your purchases safe:

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly:

Graco DuoGlider is the first recommendation that I would like to present to you. This model will cost you $134.99 at Amazon. As far as the reviews at Amazon are concerned, you can find best of the words shared about this model by the customers. It is a compact simple machine with easy assembling and disassembling. You can also store it conveniently anywhere in your house. The weight of this gear is 29 pounds and the dimensions are: 35.5 x 20 x 40 inches. This model is also quite fine in its appearance as it is crafted with a combination of black and blue. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the stroller much as the color won’t let the dust appear much on it. Adding more to this one, this machine is made up of aluminium for safer rides and ensured durability.

Here are the main features of this model, take a look:

  • The maximum weight capacity of this model is 40 pounds per seat whereas the minimum weight that is recommended to carry is 4 pounds. It has stadium style seating for complete ease.
  • The canopy of the stroller is washable as you can easily detach it from the stroller and wash it in the machine. The fabric used while manufacture of this stroller is BPA free, Phthalate free, Latex free and lead free.
  • The seats are easily reclining and it has lockable front wheel swivel.
  • Large storage basket that can accommodate sufficient belongings for on the way usage. Also there is a parent tray and child tray for on ride refreshments.
  • The stroller can be easily folded with single hand. This gear also come with self stand fold and storage latch.

This machine is ideal for people who want a perfect gear for their bundle of joy at a reasonable price.

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller, Elixer:

Baby Trend has been very popular for manufacturing quality strollers. The features that you can get with its products are quite amazing. This sit and stand model is the best tandem double stroller by this brand. It is priced as $179.99 at Amazon. The weight of this gear is 30.9 pounds and the dimensions are 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches. This brilliant little stroller can accept one or two car seats so it is flexible in usage. You can buy it at the time of your first child and this will be used after your second child is born. Customers who have bought this model from Amazon are quite satisfied with this product. It has received 4.4 stars and a lot of fine words about the working and durability of the machine. Also the color of this stroller is very fine. Baby trend has taken complete care of the baby who rides in this gear by making extra secure strollers with tough building and cushioned seating in order to ensure comfortable seating throughout the ride.

  • Very comfortable and flexible operation of the stroller that let your kids to sit or stand throughout the ride. You can buy this stroller on the birth of your child and it will be your helping hand till your child turns 50 pounds in weight.
  • The seats of this stroller are conveniently reclining and there is a large storage basket below the seats. The handling of this stroller is very convenient. For both seats, there is Flex Loc infant car seat that makes the riding safer. There is also a parent’s tray and child’s tray for on ride refreshments.

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, Onyx

Ok guys, now this one is among the premium collection of Amazon. This model is manufactured by Baby Jogger and it is one of the best sold products. It’s costing might bother you for a moment but as you know, quality comes with huge cost. This model has been styled in complete black color. In this way, you can use a wet cloth to clean the stroller rather than going through huge efforts and washing its seats. This one will cost you $536.00 at Amazon. It is the discounted price that you will only get at Amazon. So if you ever plan to buy this model, no website will give you better discount than Amazon. The dimensions of this product are: 43.5 x 25.8 x 38.5 inches. The weight of this machine is 35 pounds. It is a tough machine and once you assemble it, you no more have to worry about your kid riding in it. The material and engineering will take care of the safety of your baby. Let’s check out the features closely:

  • This model is very easy to handle. Each seat can hold a kid up to 45 lbs in weight. The seat has the ability to face in any direction you like. Also the folding of this product is very easy as you can fold it with 1 hand and by following a single step.
  • The stroller has got a telescopic handle that you can adjust according to your height. So if you are too tall or little, you will be able to use this stroller. The parking brakes are also within convenient reach of the hand.
  • It has got brilliant comfy seats that recline complete to the straight position. Each seat is fashioned with a long canopy that has UV 50+ sun rays protection.

Benefits To The Customers

Easy Handling: Tandem strollers are easy to handle. They have comfortable seating and most of the strollers are really lightweight. This makes these strollers easy on the hand of the user. The machine has got brilliant potential as most of them have one hand folding and assembling mechanism. You can fold them up or assemble them with a single hand and with complete ease.

One Hand Fold Mechanism: Yes, tandem strollers are made up with one hand folding mechanism. Usually when you take your child out for a ride and happen to take halt mid way. That is the time when you have to pick up your child and fold the stroller. This usually happens when you stop by to shop grocery or something. In that case, it is difficult to hold your baby and there is no way that you can use both your hands to assemble the stroller again. That is why strollers these days are fed with one hand folding mechanism that makes them easy to handle.

Huge Storage Capacity: Best part of buying a double stroller is that they come with huge storage space. Suppose you have to go out for some shopping and there is no one to take care of your baby at home. In this case, you can take your kids out for shopping with you. Now the problem is- where to keep shopping bags as you already have your kid’s stroller in your hand. Well, you can take help from the large storage space that is crafted just below the tandem seats. There is a huge storage basket where you can keep whatever you like. Even when you are not going out for shopping and just taking your child out for a ride, these storage baskets can be of great use to keep baby’s belongings.

Compact in Size: As tandem strollers are designed in stadium style seating, these strollers are less space consuming. They can simply slip through any standard doorways. Unlike side by side strollers, these strollers are better in sizing and thus these can be more advantageous.

How To Choose Best Tandem Double Stroller

However every kind of stroller is a great purchase for your baby. But some people have certain demands and requisites to satisfy, before they settle on buying a product. There are several things that are to be considered before you buy a tandem double stroller. Let’s take a look at those things:

Likability: First and foremost is the likability of the buyer. Before buying a stroller, always picture yourself holding it and see if it satisfies your mind.

Wheels: It is suggested to you for checking the number of wheels the stroller has. This is very important, considering the safety point for your baby.

Reclining: On the ride, your baby will feel tired and you might have to recline the seat so that the baby can sleep. While selecting a stroller, always consider the reclining positions.

Storage Space: Babies have needs and so do you. Therefore, always check the storage space availability, before investing in any stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Are tandem strollers better than side by side strollers?

Both the strollers serve different purposes to the users. However, both these strollers are equally good to be purchased. People prefer tandem strollers as with these, they don’t have to struggle with the doorways. So, I would say that these strollers are better than the others.

Are these strollers easy to handle and how much do they weigh?

Most of the strollers that I know about, especially the ones that I have mentioned above have 1 step folding mechanism. These are very convenient to use and assemble. Even if you have your kid in one hand, you can easily assemble these strollers for quick safe rides.

Do these strollers have storage space just like side by side strollers?

Every double stroller that you buy; be it tandem or side by side, both of them comes with huge storage space. Just below where the seats are crafted, you can find a huge storage basket. These baskets can be used for storing shopping bags or stuff that you might need for yourself and for your kid, on the ride.

Are these easy to store?

Well yes, these strollers folds up and transits into a very compact form. You can store them in the trunk of your car or anywhere else in the house. They do not need much space to take for the storage.


In the list of all the above mentioned best tandem double strollers, you will find one thing in common and that is: they are made up of quality material and they all are complete value of money. People have diverse needs but these are the strollers that can satisfy needs of every customer. You can fearlessly invest in these products. However, these are the necessity of life, once your baby is born. But still if you are struggling with the type of stroller that must be bought, then I would flag my vote in the favor of Tandem strollers.


Best Double Stroller



Best Lightweight Double Stroller

Best Lightweight Double Stroller: Know Your Options

In our very busy lives, we want things that are comfortable in usage and those who do not require complex assembling. Just like newborns have million other requirements, baby stroller is one of them. People do a lot of digging online just to find out the best stroller that gives them complete value of money. I however find this part quite simple. You just need to be careful about few things:

  • Brand
  • Specifications
  • Price

These are the three things that help in selecting a right stroller. As this is a product that enjoys optimum demand, there are countless brands that are manufacturing strollers. But every brand does not give much emphasis on quality. You need to select a brand that ensures quality manufacture of their products.

Next thing that you must keep under consideration is the specifications of the product. It is necessary to read all the features and important aspects related to the product in order to find the best one. And last is the price. This is indeed a fact that these things have long usability life. That is why it becomes highly important to buy a product that is not over priced.

So guys, the topic that I am writing about today are the Best Lightweight Double Stroller. We will discuss various models, the tips to purchase a right one and at last we will reach the conclusion. Let’s begin:

Best Lightweight Strollers

When you will conduct a research, there are plenty of options that will pop up on the screen. But at the same time it is not necessary that all these options are worth considering. In order to save your precious time, I have jotted a list of best lightweight double stroller. You can buy any one of them without fearing about wasting your money into something that was not worth.

Delta Children City Street Side By Side Stroller, Black:

As we are only heading towards the best lightweight double stroller, I would like to present this one as my first recommendation. This one is available in a price of $69.00 at Amazon. The weight o this gear is merely 19 pounds and the dimensions are: 30 x 33 x 36.5 inches.

  • This gear has got a lightweight frame and a compact umbrella for convenient storage and portable purposes.
  • It has got 3 point harness and it can easily slide through a doorway of the standard size.
  • There is a huge storage area below the seats and other attachments such as parent cup holder and child tray as well. It is a durable product crafted in black and has got every essential feature for your assistance.
  • There are 2 hanging storage bags and the front wheels of the stroller can swivel 360 degrees.
  • This product is certified by JPMA and meets ASTM standards.
  • For free replacements of parts of this stroller, you can contact Amazon customer support.

So, this one is the first product in my list. It is very decently priced and enriched with brilliant features. I would definitely recommend this model to all my readers who want a quality product at such a less price.

Delta Children LX Side By Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

This is another highly agreeable model launched by Delta Children. I personally like its crafting and its tendency to give ride to 2 babies with complete ease. Also the weight o this model is very less. You can handle, move or store this product easily and anywhere you like. Right from the frame to the bountiful amazing features, this product is detailed with perfection. Here are the features of this model:

  • This product has got three positions reclining for your little one. Also this model has a light weight frame that makes it quite convenient to handle.
  • Storage is quite easy with this product as it has 5 point harness with shoulder pads. You can easily store it at any place you want.
  • There is a huge storage cabin crafted just below the seats and a parent cup holder. Also there are 2 large hanging storage bags.
  • It has a got a large brilliant European style canopy.
  • This one is made up of standard dimensions that can slip through standard doorways.

So this is all about the second stroller we have in our list. It is indeed the best lightweight double stroller.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco has outshined by manufacturing the best of the double strollers. This brand has got best of everything. The products by this brand are best in looks, in engineering, in features, in functionality, etc. These strollers have the tendency to accommodate two kids with 40 pounds weight of each child. The maneuver of the machine is also quite convenient. You can easily fold or assemble the stroller with one hand as the Graco products are easy to handle. It is the best lightweight double stroller that I will recommend to all my readers. No wonder the price of the machine is a bit high as compared to the other two but the features are also most desired.

  • This model is crafted with stadium style seating and can accommodate two kids.
  • There is a huge storage space and parents cup holder along with child tray.
  • It has one hand self standing frame with a latch.
  • The front wheels are lockable with swivel
  • Both the seats are reclining for comfortable rides.
  • There are 2 step brakes for safe usage.

So here we come at the end of the suggestion section. All these products are best in their category and these products are also priced very decently. You don’t have to worry about the quality or any other aspect if you are buying any of these models.

Customer Benefits

Double strollers serve an influx of benefits to its customers. HOW? Let’s see:

  • Firstly, you can easily take your child out for a ride. Anytime you have to visit market for any reason, you can simply take your child out with you along-with. You don’t have to leave anyone home to take care of your baby while you take care of other market related stuff.
  • The storage space in double strollers is double as compare to the single strollers. You can keep multiple things in the storage basket of this little baby ride. The storage basket is positioned below the seats and it is quite comfortable to reach.
  • These strollers come with multiple reclining positions so your baby can sit or lie down and enjoy a nap whenever required. The seats are so relaxing and spaced that your child will never feel uncomfortable while riding in these strollers.
  • Lastly, the strollers are so light in weight that your arm will never tire while moving them. There are many times of range available in market but it is suggested to buy the product that has minimum weight.

Other than these benefits, you can also use other brand car seats in the stroller case and use accordingly.

How to buy Best Lightweight Stroller?

There is a certain technique that will help you in finding the best lightweight double stroller. Let’s see:

Find: Finding the best lightweight double stroller is the hardest step. In this step you need to go through many product reviews. It is easy to visit stores like Amazon and type your requirement. In the results page, you can simply select products that have got 4+ stars. I am suggesting this method because Amazon has got most authentic customer reviews. Any product that has received 4+ stars is a great pick. If you know any product by yourself, you can also check its reviews online. So in this way, you need to shortlist few items that you think will be a great purchase.

Compare: Every website offer products at different prices. No matter how many websites you explore, you will eventually settle up on Amazon as it is the most promising website. It is suggested to compare prices of the product that you like at various online websites. This will help you in stealing the best deal.

Settle: Now is the time for you to settle on the product that you have liked the most. If there are still multiple products then you need to compare the features, the looks and the prices of various products. Also it is recommended to go through customer reviews. These will help you in assimilating the credibility of every product you have shortlisted.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a certain process that will help you in finding right product. Well here it is. You can follow the steps and find best lightweight double stroller.

Tips of Buying best Lightweight Double Strollers

Certainly you can find the best lightweight double stroller by measuring its credibility. There are certain features that have to be taken in account before you buy a product. Here are some of the tips of buying best lightweight double stroller:

  • Check its durability: While you are buying anything for your baby, the aspect in which you can least compromise is the durability of the product. In double strollers, the durability could also be referred for the security of your child. First of all, you need to check if the stroller is durable or not. This can be ensured by seeking help from the experience of the buyers that have already bought this product.
  • Check its maneuverability: You might have to take the stroller to narrow places as well. For this reason, the stroller needs to have utmost maneuverability so that you don’t have to struggle with the stroller, instructing it in a certain direction.
  • Check the Material and Engineering: The material of the stroller should be watched closely. As it is a double stroller, you will surely want to keep it for your second child. In that case, you need to ensure that the engineering and material is the finest.
  • Check the weight: You already have two kids to take care of. In such a situation you will definitely not want to struggle with a heavy stroller. That is why while buying these gears; you need to give extra emphasis on the weight of the product.
  • Check the Storage Space: The storage space must also be sufficient enough so that you can carry baby stuff along with while you are taking them on a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every user has some kind of questions popping up in their mind before buying double stroller. Here I have compiled a small list of questions that you might want to know about before buying best lightweight double stroller.

Are the seats reclining for a nap?

Yes, most of the lightweight strollers have reclining seats that makes the ride comfortable. It is not essential that every product has the same features. That is why it is suggested to check the features of a particular product before buying it.

Can these strollers compatible with narrow doorways?

You can expect the stroller to slip away from standard sized doorways. But it is recommended to check the dimensions of the product before buying. This will help you with safer purchase.

Are these products convenient for storage?

Yes all the strollers have one hand folding mechanism. You can assemble or disassemble the stroller easily without troubling yourself much.


Well, the markets have many best lightweight double strollers, waiting for you for purchase. You just have to be wise enough to buy the one that has got right features. Also the product has to be carefully priced. You can also seek help from the products that I have mentioned above as all these models are one of a kind. They have best customer reviews and you can make purchase considering your budget. Indeed, double stroller is a necessary purchase for your bundle of joy so you need to be extra careful while to buy one. Happy Shopping!