Schwinn Double Stroller Reviews

Schwinn Double Strollers- Most Amazing Baby Gears

Schwinn- more commonly known as the leading brand to manufacture best baby gears was found by a German man in Chicago. The inception of this brand is a history. It was born many decades ago and with passing time, this brand has crafted an invincible presence in the industry.

It is a sub brand of Dorel Industries. The double strollers that are manufactured under the brand name of Schwinn have unique features and amazing engineering. Today, this brand is the most shining name in the industry and has built its rock solid presence among other same niche brand names.

There are many successful examples of double strollers that have really done great job in seeking customer appreciation in abundance. The strollers are very genuinely priced, ensure optimum quality and are crafted with most solid material. In nutshell it can be said that these strollers are packaged with best of the features.

Best Selling Schwinn Double Strollers

There is no denying that this brand has given brilliant examples whenever its strollers are considered. Here are some of the best Schwinn Double Strollers that can be brought fearlessly for your bundle of joy.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger:

There is a reason why I have chosen this one to be the first on my list. This product has been engineered commendably. It has a very sharp look and has been created in a soothing mix of grey and blue. The price of this model is $239.99 at Amazon. So, it is recommended to you to buy this product only from Amazon, if you want to safe a considerable amount of money on this line of products. It is 4 stars product. Clearly, it has been quite appreciated by the customers.

The frame of this product is made up of aluminium so it is the reliable model to invest in. There is a dual trigger folding mechanism that makes folding of this product quite easy. You can also pack it up or reassemble it with one hand. Also there is a child’s tray and parent’s tray with a bottle holder. The molded trays can be opened with a flip. Coming to the weight capacity, this one can handle 1 child up to 50 pounds in weight. Both the seats can have a child with the respective weight capacity.

The dimensions of this product are 32 x 28 x 15 inches and it weighs 52 pounds. It is a brilliantly crafted model, rich in features and amazing for your child. It also has a manual locking front wheel and the canopies mounted speakers. Almost all mp3 models are compatible with this model. So, you can easily settle with this model if you are looking for a budget friendly option that is equipped with best of the features.

Schwinn Discover Double Swivel Stroller:

This is another Schwinn model that has been appreciated whole heartedly. It is available at a price of $304.14 at Amazon. Considering the consideration that customers have given this product, you will be amazed to know that it has received 4 stars with some of the most supportive customer reviews. Now, heading towards the section of features, here is what you can get in this model:

Maintaining their signature quality, this one is also built with aluminium. It is a heavy metal that is used to ensure optimum security of the rider. Adding more towards the safety quotient, there is dual trigger folding mechanism that can help furthermore. The features of first model and this one are almost the same as they are titled under same brand name. It gives easy handling and maneuverability. The tires of this product are used of superior quality so they have created a balance when you are walking through rough roads.

It is a brilliant model for transporting as it is folded and reshaped into its compact self. No wonder there are brilliant other options available in market but this model have got perfect features. The appearance of this model is also something worth noticing. Seats are cushioned with best quality material in order to ensure comfy rides of the rider. Whatever you need to have in your stroller, you can simply find it here. This one is very genuinely priced and can become an amazing option to invest in. As the strollers can easily be used for ages and by various generations, spending this much of amount won’t trouble you much.

Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller, Red:

Well, in terms of pricing, this product might goes on a different level but still, it is worth commending when you will see its features. It is a smart looking stroller that is equipped with every possible feature. Amazingly shaped in Red color, this product could also be a perfect gift for Christmas. Well, heading towards the main section, the cost of this model is $599.99 at Amazon. As you check out this product here at the site, you will see the discounts and how awesome it is to save money by buying it from here.

The capacity of the seats installed in the stroller is 50 pounds each. Amazing handling of the product is ensured and you can effortlessly roll it at any platform. You don’t necessarily have to have twins in order to use this model. Even if both your children have an age gap of 2 years, you can conveniently take both your kids for a ride. The storage space is huge and it has molding parent’s tray as well as children’s tray.

There is a large canopy to safeguard the baby from any sort of harmful rays. This model is engineered in side by side look. It gives better handling with this model. Other than that, you can also find Mp3 port that is compatible with various mp3 systems. The seats that are installed with this model are great and comfortable to ensure comfort of the baby throughout the ride.

Why Choose Schwinn Double Strollers?

You can find multiple reasons for choosing Schwinn as the trustworthy brand to buy baby stroller. Some of the noteworthy reasons are set forth:

  • Easy Handling: The first point to give you thumbs up for this stroller is the handling thing. Usually. Parents are worried about the maneuverability of the stroller that they are investing in. The strollers by Schwinn are so crafted that they provide best maneuverability. Also because the frame of the stroller is aluminium made, it gives complete and safe hold of the stroller. Also it can handle the weight of the child easily.
  • Comfy Seating: Well, it is something very important for all parents. Clearly, no parents want to buy a product that cannot ensure their child’s comfort. Schwinn Double Strollers have great seats that suitable fit into the frame. Also they are finely cushioned so that your child doesn’t feel uneasy on a long ride.
  • Ample Space: However there are many different types of strollers available in the market but in terms of space, Schwinn strollers are the best. All the strollers that are manufactured by this brand come with a huge storage section below the seats. You also get parent’s tray and child’s tray where the eatables can be placed.
  • Reclining Seats: Well, a baby cannot keep awake for long hours in a day when you are taking them for a ride. It becomes essentially important to invest in the strollers that have reclining seats. In this way you can ensure optimum comfort of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There might be plenty of questions that you need answered but I have jotted some of the frequently asked questions. These might get some facts clear to you:

What is the average weight capacity of Schwinn Strollers?

A normal stroller manufactured by this brand can hold up to 50 lbs each seat. So, it will be easy to use this stroller till your child turns 3.

Are the car seats detachable?

The seats are detachable and you can replace them with any other car seats. A standard sized car seat fits into the Schwinn frame.

Are the seats reclining?

All strollers that are manufactured by this brand have perfectly reclining seats. These strollers can be very comfortable for long rides. You kid can easily sleep or stay awake while out on a ride.


It is time to judge the credibility of the Schwinn chain of products. On an average, all the products that are launched by this brand have got pretty good rating. The prices of the range of products are brilliantly surprising. You can have great features in all the products such as better maneuverability, great hold of the stroller, multiple canopies, easy and spontaneous brakes, etc. Other than that, products have rubberized grip to keep the hold stiff and tight. To conclude all I would say is that Schwinn is an amazing brand and worth your expenses. It is a safe gear for your bundle of joy that deserves a great amount of consideration.


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