Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Reviews

SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger: A Stylish Ride For Your Tot

SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger stroller is a perfect addition in Schwinn family of brilliant baby strollers. Well I would say that soon after the launch of this product in the market, it has touched the pinnacle in sales. It is an easy to use, fast going and comfortable jogging stroller for the current time families that are always on a move.

Customer Benefits:

  • This model gives a comfortable hold and has got the most preeminent walking and running compartments. The balancing of the stroller is also quite stable, all thanks to the front wheels.
  • The product gives you a perfect view from inside-out. It has provision that allow you to have the sight inside of the stroller. So even when the baby is sleeping, you can keep a close check on them.
  • The stroller offers enough space for the baby to stay with ease inside of it. It also allow baby to share some space with their toys and comfy products such as cushions, etc.
  • Also the umbrella of the stroller is huge. It keeps your baby from getting exposed to sun or rain, whatever the weather is like.


  • Lightweight: The product is less in weight as it is crafted with 100% aluminium. Besides being a double stroller, the handling of this product is extremely easy. It is a lightweight product with flexible frame.
  • Fully Equipped: Well, SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger is completely safe for the kids. The movement of the stroller can conveniently be controlled with the help of the swivel. The product can easily be packed or unpacked by using dual trigger. As the tyres that are incorporated with the ride are extra thick, it gives you a stable and smooth riding experience.
  • Perfect Safety Mechanism: Well, for the routine parent joggers, this product has got cup holders that can be used to keep water bottles or coffee cups while you take your baby for a ride. Then there are canopy mounted speakers that are compatible with all sorts of MP3 players. You can enjoy undistorted music while you take your kids out on a ride.
  • General Attributes: It has a weight of 39 lbs and the dimensions are: 49×32.7×40 inches. It is foldable and have comfortable and spacious storage compartment. It is also available in various color variants.


  • The price of the product is quite conveniently affordable.
  • It is quite flexible in usage.
  • The swivel will help you in easy handling.
  • It is equipped with cup holding trays and speakers for your entertainment.


  • The only drawback of this product is that it is quite large. It is best suited for toddlers from 6 months to 2 years old.

How To Use This Product?

You can find a complete manual guide along-with the product that will teach you about the right usage. You have to unfold the frames, attach all necessary segments and prepare the stroller for safe usage by following instructions in the manual.


It is a self equipped stroller so not much of the additional accessories are incorporated with the product. Accessories that are already installed in the stroller while manufacture, is the canopy speakers, cup holders, comfy cushions for comfortable sitting, etc. These can be connected to various brands MP3 players. You will also get manual guide about correct usage of the stroller.


Well, here are some of the frequently asked questions about this model, here you go:

Does the Stroller get through the doorways comfortably?

Well, it is made according to the basic size of every average door. So it can walk through the doorways without getting stuck.

Is it suitable for a Newborn?

Well, the seats do recline over an angle of 145 degrees, it is recommended to not to place a 2 month old newborn in the stroller. Once the child is above 5 months of age, you can use this product.


To conclude, all I will say that SchwinnTurismo Swivel Double Jogger is a perfect purchase for your babies. It is reasonably priced and rich in features. Customers have also given loud approbation to the product so you can fearlessly invest in this model.

Schwinn Double Stroller


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