What Are The Different Types Of Double Strollers?

Considering the shooting needs of baby products, especially when they are priced so highly, can you possibly expect to take these decisions lightly? Well, I cannot. With the increasing age, parents have to undergo various types of expenses for their children. Soon after the birth, there are certain kinds of expenses that have to be endured. For babies, stroller is a key requirement. There are multiple brands that are working day and night in manufacturing top quality strollers for babies.

What Are Double Strollers?

The trends have certainly taken a diversion and unlike former times, people are smart now and use an approach before investing into something. Becoming a parent for the first time might now pursue for the need of buying a double stroller but if you work on an approach, you will understand how beneficial it is to invest in a double stroller than buying single one. Double Stroller saves you from the trouble of buying different strollers for different kids. These are cash saving. These strollers offer easy handling and management. The brands that are manufacturing double strollers are the top-notch industries. These strollers are equipped with amazing features and serves to the customers with best of their ability.

Types Of Double Strollers

You might need to trouble yourself a little in finding right kind of double stroller for your babies. Most of the people are under impression that they should buy single stroller and when the second baby is born, the same stroller can be used. But on an average, people usually keep a gap of 2-3 years after the birth of first child to plan the second one. Do you think a child of merely 3 years can walk enough while you take the newborn out for a ride. Well, being a mother I can say that if you like taking long walks, then it is just not recommended to take the younger child out on foot. This is where double strollers justify their need. Let’s take a look at the types of double strollers that are available in the market.

Counting basically, there are 2 types of double strollers namely: Tandem and Side by Side. We will now discuss each stroller separately:


You must have heard about the strollers that have stadium styled sitting arrangement. Well, it is known as Tandem Strollers. They have the width of single stroller and it is easy to slip it inside and outside of the doorways. This one gives you versatility in sitting configurations. The drawback of these strollers is that they give fewer maneuvers and due to the length of these strollers, it also becomes difficult to put them into car trunk. Also there is seating inequality. Unless the younger child is young enough to recognize the difference between rear seat and the other one, you can use these strollers comfortably. Once they start recognizing the difference, it will certainly become the most debatable issue of your house.

Side By Side:

Side by side strollers on the other hand are easy to manage and use. There is no inequality between both the seats. They are easier to push or steer. Where you are getting a plus of the seating equality, these are hard to get through narrow doorways. It sometimes become competitive while on the road as these require a lot of space and people find it hard to handle on the road.


Next interesting quotient associated with double strollers is the pricing of these gears. Well, be it the side by side stroller or the tandem, both is manufactured by various brands. Every brand has a different strategy to set a price of the product. However, both the kinds of products are available at identical MRPs. Most of the strollers are ranged from $200 to $700. A good stroller with all the features and durability element can be bought at a decent price. Given the fact that these strollers can be used by various generation, I don’t find it paining at all to spend such an amount on these gears. You just have to make certain about your stroller requisites and buy branded products online at Amazon.


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